Why Fit Matters


Every person who wants to wear a bra should get properly educated on fit.  We liken it to knowing how to take good care of your body.  You only get one chest so treat it well!


A great fitting bra.  It can support, lift, relieve neck and upper back tension, and give your silhouette an up-grade!


Fit matters because if your bra fits you well, you can wear it beyond 12 hours without even noticing it!  Imagine that!


We can talk to you about fit in the comfort of your own home, at a Sheer Delight event, on the phone, or on a virtual BRAsultation!  It is quick, easy, and fun!


Breast tissue is sensitive.  It is delicate.  It can be dense and feel heavy.  Think about your feet…they need properly fitting shoes to help support your body.  Properly fitting shoes offer comfort to your feet, your knees, and even your back.  A great fitting bra gives support to your chest, back, and neck/shoulder muscles. If you feel good, you stand taller and smile more. 

So, how many pairs of shoes do you own?  


Contact a bra fit expert at Sheer Delight so you can be informed, educated, and select great bras that help you look and feel incredible!  Gather all those bras that you don’t like, don’t fit, don’t support and hand them over to us.  We send them to I Support the Girls which is a non-profit organization that redistributes gently used bras to womens’ shelters across the United States.


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