Bras & Bubbles
Happy Hour Time! What makes you happier than a girls' night in while wearing a fabulously fitting bra? Get your crew together and let the fitting fun begin.
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Bras & Besties
Friendships. Mother/daughter bonds. Sisterhoods. These relationships always make for a good time! Invite your best gal pal to join in the fit fun.
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Bras & Brunch
Start your day off right with an empowering event! Sip on coffee or mimosas while a B.R.A.S. fit expert elevates your morning... in more ways than one.
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Bras & Bridal Squad
Looking for a unique and modern experience to offer your bridal squad? Invite our team out to fit everyone to kick off an unforgettable bachelorette evening!
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Why Host a Sheer Delight Event?

Stay Connected with Your Squad

It's easy to get caught up in the day to day, especially now! Make you and your friends a priority by scheduling an SDE event.

Get a Free BRAsulation

From a Certified B.R.A.S. Sheer Delight Entrepreneur. Finding the right fitting bra is a life changing experience

Host an Event and Receive Free Bras*

When you host either an in
person or virtual event, receive free bras for hosting.
(*Based on total party sales)

How it Works- It's Easy!

1. Book your Event

Click on any Book Now button to schedule your event
and fill out a New Event form.

2. A Certified B.R.A.S. Specialist will Reach Out

Our Specialist will reach out to help you plan out the details of your event.

3. Host your Event

Two quick measurements will be taken. You will be decorated with high quality, gorgeous bras from respected international brands. Much to learn and love!

4. Relax

Take a deep breath. Your level of comfort is our top priority. Our experts are professional and trained to respect modesty. We guarantee you will leave your experience feeling fabulous and rejuvenated!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I have to remove my shirt and bra during an event or in-person fitting??

NO. The only thing you need to do is feel at ease which is our mission.  Fittings and bra-education can be done with tank tops on, shirts on, and bras on.  Your comfort level is our top priority.


If I host an event with my friends, will we be fit together in the same room/space?

NO.  We fit one person at a time in a private space.  If you are hosting the event at your house, you simply let us know where you prefer the fittings to take place.

How long will my event last?

It depends on the number of guests.  We like to give personalized service to each guest so we allot 20-30 minutes per person.  We do not recommend more than 4-5 guests.  That way we can assure the event will last 2-3 hours.

I want to host an event but I am worried my friends will be hesitant.

Bra fittings can be intimidating.  That is why we take the pressure off of you!  Allow us to design the invitations and send them digitally to your guests.  We can ease their mind and keep track of RSVP’s.  No stress!

Are there perks to hosting an event?

YES.  We take a percentage of the total sales and offer you a credit towards your purchase!  Who doesn’t love free lingerie?  Plus, we give the host a free gift!

I am a small business owner and would love to partner with you for an event. Do you only do private events?

We LOVE partnering with small businesses for events!  Our team is creative and open-minded so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any fun ideas.


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